Tripoli, Libya


Tripoli is the capital city and largest city of Libya. This city is sandwiched between the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea. Tripoli has a lot of tourist attractions including gigantic museums, atmospheric medina, and a wonderful blend of Islamic and European architecture.


  • ARCH OF MARCUS AURELIUS: About 120 km from Tripoli city, is a well-preserved Roman monument, one of the most famous landmarks. This is definitely worth a visit.
  • TRIPOLI'S MEDINA: If you like to visit through bazaars, then this place is worth your time. One can shop for clothes, make-ups, antiques and everything.
  • TRIPOLI'S RED CASTLE MUSEUM: This is national museum in Libya and has different wings and floors for exhibition of distinct collection.
  • MARTYR'S SQUARE: It is a downtown landmark at the bay in the city. It has a legendary fountain at the centre of Square, which is the meeting of different avenues.
  • STREET MURALS: An amazing place, across the sea, for walking and jogging, early in the morning. While the smell of the sea is amazing.
  • CLOCK TOWER OF TRIPOLI: One of the most iconic monuments of the city, Clock tower, was a gift to the city by Ottomans.
  • GURGI MOSQUE: It is located in the heart of old Tripoli and is open to all visitors. The beauty and history of the place has made it one of the top tourist locations of the city.


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