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Corinthia Hotels is one of the world's largest and internationally recognized brands of luxury hotels and resorts. Corinthia's hotels offer a wide range of high-quality amenities including restaurants, bars, hotels and restaurants. The portfolio also includes a number of hotels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as in the United States.

Tony Potter said at the event: "It was particularly encouraging to be able to speak to the President of the World Tourism Organisation (WTO) and his team. He also informed the media about new initiatives to promote tourism in the Middle East, North Africa, Africa and South Asia. Finally, the CHI CEO announced the winners of this year's World Tourism Awards, which will be presented at a special ceremony at London's Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 28 October.

Corinthia has also launched the Travelling Assistant Program, the first of its kind in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. Corinthia's Exclusive is an event where group organizers and meeting planners have a dedicated travel assistant available to assist with the needs and requirements of planners and their groups.

If you find a lower price elsewhere, you can submit a complaint on our website and we will reply within two working days. Corinthia Hotels will check the claim for lower prices and will reply to you within one business day of the claim being made. To confirm your reservation at one of our hotels or make a confirmed reservation with us at, please contact the appropriate e-mail address in the list below to make your claim. If you have found a good price for a hotel in Tripoli or other hotels in the region, please submit your claims in advance and they will be answered within two business days after you.

Corinthia Hotels reserves the right to change or cancel your reservations at any of our hotels in Tripoli, Libya or any other hotel in the region. The Best Rate Guarantee is suspended if or a specific price is available at a lower price than the best price available on our website.

No claims can be made against any of our hotels in Tripoli, Libya or any other hotel in the region. Prices for all Corinthia Hotels hotel rooms, suites and other amenities must also be identical.

We reserve the right to refuse any claim if the rate deviation is solely due to exchange rate fluctuations. We reserve the right to refuse a claim on the basis of competing prices, which will be reviewed after the claim has been processed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of Libya and / or other countries.

Corinthia Hotels is not responsible for the fees incurred when cancelling reservations through different channels. If a full prepaid rate is booked through, Corinthia Hotels will refund the difference to your credit card as soon as you submit a claim.

Price comparisons are made with other charges and fees associated with your room rate. Lower rates are available at any time if the hotel confirms your claim, but only at the time of booking and during your stay, no lower rate is available.

If your claim relates to a reservation that consists of several nights, the average price per night will be compared with the average price for an identical reservation on the website where you found the lowest price. The cheapest rates must be available at the time of booking and during your stay and have been found by you. Their claim should be supported by the URL where it was found and a screenshot that clearly shows competing websites. If you make a complaint, you must submit it within 24 hours of receiving your reservation and within 30 days of your arrival.

Corinthia Hotels has the right to determine the validity of your claim, including without limitation, whether the lowest price you find is actually available and whether it meets the conditions. The Best Rate Guarantee applies only to published rates, not to those found on the website where you booked, at the time of booking, during your stay or on any other website.

If you are unable to check the cheapest rate and all other conditions are met, Corinthia Hotels will adjust or reduce your rate by another 10% and adjust the better publicly available rate if found elsewhere online. If you find the lower rate, the rate will be discounted by 10% -15% or further. Differences may arise from competition from other hotels, such as competition with your hotel or the difference in price between the two hotels.

The Best Rate Guarantee applies to all original bookings made within 24 hours of arrival. Specialized trainers at CHI hotels have undergone intensive training under the Reach for the Stars program and will henceforth communicate their newly acquired training and skills to our corporate values. Other key training programs focus on team members, including top management, and are specifically focused on specific areas of health and safety, such as food and beverage safety. One Company - comprehensive health and safety measures have been implemented and employ selected staff in all our hotels.

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More About Tripoli